Harvesting Hope Financial Aid Scholarship Program

When funding permits, Harvesting Hope provides scholarships to families that require assistance. These funds can be used by a family to renew a patient or caregiver card, send a child to Camp Candlelight, or as reimbursement for the cost of medicine.

It’s our dream to help all families. However, funds are limited, so we ask families who would like financial assistance to please apply to our scholarship program.

Here’s How It Works

Scholarships are allocated every 6 months. Each scholarship lasts for six months. Once a family receives a scholarship, they are not eligible to receive another until their existing six month scholarship period ends.

Families who would like to receive financial assistance must complete an application. Application instructions and materials can be downloaded here.

Applications are reviewed by Harvesting Hope’s Board of Directors to determine financial need and eligibility. Scholarships are awarded to families who require the greatest financial assistance. Families that do not receive financial assistance are encouraged to re-apply during the next application period.