Our Story

  • 2014
  • 1 Jan 14

    The Inspiration

    Harvesting Hope was inspired by a young boy. Frustrated with the inability of conventional medicine to control his seizures, the boy’s parents discussed medical marijuana as a treatment option. After finding that Arizona families had nowhere to turn, a local dispensary agreed to help the young boy and his family.

  • 18 Feb 14

    The Idea

    The young boy’s condition improved dramatically. This success made us realize that we could help other children in Arizona who were suffering from pediatric epilepsy. Our idea was to form an organization that could provide the medicine and resources families need to treat their children. Harvesting Hope was born.

  • 28 Feb 14

    The Medicine

    Through our partnership with Harvesting Health & Recreation and other dispensaries, Harvesting Hope is able to provide access to a strain of marijuana that is a derivative of Harlequin, which is a sativa dominant strain. This strain was chosen specifically because of its high CBD content, which many families report is effective for treating pediatric epilepsy. The medicine comes in several forms, including flower, tinctures, and syringes

  • 3 Apr 14

    The Doctor

    Medicine would be useless without guidance from an experienced professional. Our medical director has been treating pediatric epilepsy, as well as many other conditions, with marijuana since 2010. He was also the first dispensary medical director in Arizona and has become a respected leader in the community.

  • 1 May 14

    The Present

    With support from Harvest Health & Recreation and other organizations, Harvesting Hope can provide the medicine and resources families need to successfully treat their children’s seizure disorders.

  • 1 Jun 14

    The Future

    We will continue to work to bring medicine and resources to more families nationwide. Unfortunately we can’t do this on our own. We need your help! Click here to make a tax deductible monetary donation to Harvesting Hope.


710 W Elliot Rd #103 Tempe, AZ 85284